great wedding great party sad goodbyes

Wedding was great 🙂 unlike trying to navigate a Swedish keyboard, why the extra 3 letters that puts all the other keys all over the place. I will persevere. The ceremony took place next to a lovely stretch of water, Camilla and Dennis made a great couple, very relaxed and chilled. Thank you to all for making me feel so welcome The party was brilliant great food and lots of hectic dancing. I even shook my money maker which could have caused an international incident. One odd cultural difference is the way Swedes cheer, hip hurrah, hurrah, hurrah, hurrah. Dont know why 4 hurrahs, could be the start of an escalating arms race. Back in K Hamn and some poor sod dropped his bike on a rounabout as me and Agge were going to the Co Op. Helped him pick it up and he got away with just a few scratches. Managed to forget the Creme Frasche though, bugger. Now listening to the snurdy gurdy babble of about 6 teenage girls, PG is having a birthday party only 2 months late, Agge and me are in the way I think. Tomorrow time to say goodbye, that wont be fun at all.

Fluffy still missing, place your bets as to whether he will be at Gatwick.


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One Response to great wedding great party sad goodbyes

  1. Guy says:

    Hast la vista baby

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