Well I didn’t see this coming

Fluffy isn’t coming, I got a txt last night. Freaked out and quite frankly petrified. It was going to be tough for two but now. Hmmmmm bit shot to pieces really. Will i make it to Gatwick 🙂 worse than Fluffys jumping ship is the fat that i snored so loud last night Agge had to seek sanctuary in another room.


About richardlldavies

Follow me and the one called Fluff as we try and cycle from Vancouver to Panama.
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6 Responses to Well I didn’t see this coming

  1. Seran says:

    Who’s fluffy and why the hell have they let you down??

    Anyway, let me get this straight, you’re cycling from Vancouver to Panama ON YOUR OWN? This sounds very exciting, why are you doing this mad thing? xx

  2. Heather says:


  3. rupert upton says:

    You press right on bud! You’ll be alone for as long, or as short as you wanna be before you hook up with another soul travelling in the same direction. None of my business about Fluffy as I’ve never met him but it is indeed a very strange thing to do, I wonder if he’s shared with you the real reason for telling you two days before lift-off…………..

    Have fun hun, it’ll be cool x

  4. Spawny says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me. How can he/she pull out now? Nightmare. I hope you still go through with it and all goes well. Have a great trip. And to think I was sh*gged out riding round Surrey at the weekend…

  5. TEACH says:

    Well I hope Mr. Fluffy has got a jolly good reason for his absence from this trip, and a letter from home as well, otherwise I’m afraid he shall have to meat me after school by way of punishment.

    God speed Rich old boy, and remember that old adage “when one door closes another door opens”. You’re going to have an awesome time.

  6. Andymus Lloydinium says:

    …..or as they say oop north, “as one door closes,another slams in your face!”,but on the otherhand,break a leg Duuuuuude ;)P

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