Well here I am

Vancouver calling Vancouver calling šŸ™‚

Well here I am and to say I am impressed by this jewel on the pacific is an understatement. Journey was a bit grim but what do you expect for (mmm no pound signs, I guess I am using a Jonny Foreigner key board) 250 quid they didn’t even weigh the box with the trailer in it šŸ™‚ stopped at Edmonton and stayed an hour on the tarmac as one passenger had gone AWOL. She was eventually found sitting quietly in her seat, hide in plane sight šŸ™‚ only fly in ointment is the cost of my hostel, shouldn’t complain really as it is right by the water in Jericho for those au fait with Vancouver, what is it with pushy Germans ??? Will stay tomorrow and have a look around then head off on Thursday.

As you may or may not know I an doing my trip on a Thorn Raven, beautiful she isn’t but as reliable as a stone axe, imagine my surprise as I approached the hostel to see another pair of Thorns being assembled. Liz and Phil from gor blimey Landarrrrn town had just arrived as well. “I’ve got one of those” was how I introduced myself. Smashing people and will spend some time with them tomorrow. Hats of to Liz she had never really ridden a bike much before taking on most of South America Chapeau!!!!

A few thank yous : Min Askling (you have mail) Guy and family and Rupert and family the boys from the SSB, love the Blondie lyrics šŸ™‚ Dave Sam and Tristan at the Office, Ed the guitar slinger.

Now to wrestle with my Rohlof cables, oh and before I forget saw a recumbent tandem :-O well it was a bit half and half, guy at front was lying down with a bloke behind him sitting in a conventional position, very odd.


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Follow me and the one called Fluff as we try and cycle from Vancouver to Panama.
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3 Responses to Well here I am

  1. rupert upton says:

    Wow is all I can say Dickie, I didn’t think it would be long before you found others moving to the same tune but not that quick! Great first post dude, have a great day today x

  2. David says:

    Ducklington receiving – home early today as EMDO all week so hope sunday is quiet as I will be at the Not Not’s to watch Glaws. New routine in the morning at work is turn on the magic box and log in to wordpress before coffee to search for news. Jack’s back – sailing not to plan, he put diesel in the water tank, think that was due to the stress of a son in law that did’nt catch on to the sailing lark and Capt Jacks “orders”. Hope Raven and trailer in one piece and ready for the ride. Like the new piccy, we need a before of you so we can compare to the new trim you at the end of the ride. Expect to hear you covered at least 30 miles, or what ever they have over there, on day one. ps don’t forget they drive on the wrong side like you did on the back lane out of Duck. Take care and don’t argue with the man holding a magnum(not the ice cream)

  3. Felix says:

    Sounds great Dickie!

    Hope the pedaling went well today, and thanks for leaving my car with more fuel in it than it started with! Greatly appreciated!

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