Bloody hell that was hard

Left Vancouver this morning, said goodbye to Phil and Liz, they headed off to Seattle but will see them on Highway 1. Met a bloke from Aberystwyth who was out here racing a Brompton, you don’t bump into that kind of oddness everyday. Managed to get lost in a park and had some oaf shouting at me for cycling on a cycle path but going the wrong way. Oh just f#ck off.
Biggest shock was the trailer, it is like riding a tandem with a fat bloke who wont pedal. Starting to get the hang of it, down hills get a bit sketchy as well as it weaves all over the place. I am now in Nanaimo on Vancouver island in the Purple Turtle hostel, arrived soaking wet but my arse is holding up well. Hopefully I will start to get some legs back but who am I kidding I am a fat bastard but I am having fun.


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Follow me and the one called Fluff as we try and cycle from Vancouver to Panama.
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10 Responses to Bloody hell that was hard

  1. rup says:

    Well done boyo, you’ve got styarted anyway! And at last the hundred yards of testing that we did with the (empty) trailer here on my track are beginning to pay off……… 😉

  2. Liz says:

    Well done!! The first day nailed. We got completely and utterly soaked (and also a wee bit confused) as we headed out of Vancouver and back into the U.S. Still charming immigration officials and a proper Psycho style motel have restored our spirits. Have fun tomorrow and congrats.
    Liz & Phil

  3. Janne says:

    hi… i told what the heck you are doing… to my workmates… and BIG HAND!!! they loved it… so you are getting fans from Joensuu… take care..

  4. stephen hurdley says:

    Risca ????

  5. alys1972 says:

    Arthur Llewellyn Jenkins – sounds like you’re having fun as always – see you didn’t need anyone with you!! xx

  6. John says:

    Are you using the pink hooter?

  7. Hi Richard,

    Listen, if any coppers give you a hard time again…squeeze that ‘ole pink horn of perversion at them – that’ll get them thinkin’ not to mess with you! Despite getting our name wrong [yes, it’s the “Painted Turtle”…not the Purple Turtle Guesthouse] we were proud to host you on your first night on Vancouver Island, and wish you all the best on your journey.
    Cheerio…Ang, Bruce and team!

  8. edjawbreaker says:

    keep plugging away, fella, I’m with you in spirit, though in reality I’m still in training school. Got a gig tomorrow and i’ll be thinking of you. incidentaly re the pink horn – i would expect nothing less! Ed

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