How friendly will Uncle Sam be?

Wandering around Victoria yesterday saw something that made me wonder, An adult shop is about 40 metres from the hostel, wandering past yesterday I noticed the ususal Toys, DVD’s Magazines, erotic Gifts and Hats………. Hats?????? that stumped me. Is it a euphemism for anything or do the good people of British Columbia get off on Stetsons, Bowlers, Bobble and other types of millinery.

Amazed at the ammount of people smoking dope wandering around, every couple of metres you get the smell of some bud being smoked. Two guys in my room were looking at a bud yesterday about the size of a coke can, quite open about finding a supplier and taking it back down to the states to sell. Seems like a risky business, didnt even entertain the idea of having some, glad those days are gone.

Ferry to Port Angles this afternoon and no doubt the charms of American immigration, wont be fun. Will let you know how I get on.


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4 Responses to How friendly will Uncle Sam be?

  1. David says:

    So did they make you an offer for the pink horn of perversion?What your intended route in the US. – 101 down the coast or highway 5 which I think goes through Salem. Watch out for black pointy hats. I see the trailer is adorned with the dragon flag and you’re looking good in the picture, how come you did’nt turn up at RKH like that. Ospreys loose 22-10 at Stuart Barnes love child also known as Munster. Gavin is suing osprey for back wages, some hope. Glaws steal a loosing point at the death against the not nots. Managed a handshake and chat to Mycat outside the ground. Try huming the stars and stripes at immigration and telling them your a one man welsh male voice choir. Keep safe.

  2. Liz says:

    Guess you’re going west from Port Angeles? In case you decided to duck east for some Seattle action, let us know. We’ll be in Poulsbo tomorrow night and then Seattle. Otherwise, see you on the 101. The blog is brilliant!
    Liz and Phil

  3. rup says:

    I hope you approached immigration in those special stars n stripes PJ’s that you so thoughtfully packed boyo!

  4. Seran says:

    Hey you. Loving your blog. I am now not only following daily but advertising it to others. Loving your large pink horn – ooh err xxx

    ps You must have come across those types of hats before?

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