biting off more than I can chew

Wow what a brutal 3 days, first off is there a doctor in the house. I have a real pain in my right ankle. It is around the ankle bone on the inside of my right leg. It is gettting in the way of cycling now. Any ideas or do I need to stay off the bike for a few days?

I have had 2.5 days of torrential rain and not enough food. This part of the Pacific north west is very sparsley populated, one store every 35 miles or so. The majority of the camp sites are closed so a bit of wild camping is in order. Miserable getting up packing everything that is soaking and not having any breakfast. The weather is set for the next week so I am going to cheat 🙂 sorry to the purists but doing this on my own and my old body breaking down it has to be done. All the locals wish me luck but as one they say you should of set off 6 weeks ago.

Anyway one thing that made me smile was hitting the pacific coast again, a brief moment of sunshine before the heavens opened. So much lumber washed up on the beach, just hundreds of tons of wood. Saw one guy surfing about 3 foot and super clean. The other thing that is really scary is the logging trucks or I should be more accurate and say one particular logging truck, this f#ckwit went past 3 times yesterday and the second time got within 6 inches of me. I would have stabbed him if he had stopped. Left pretty shaken after that. So you fat oaf I hope yoy stub your toe really painfully every time you get up to piss at night. Blue Mack truck with silver flashes.

One thing about logging trucks is they smell so good when they go past, the lumber must of only just been cut.

Well its raining again, and I am waiting on a bus. Need to find a hostel to take stock in for a few days.

Hope everyone is well, laters.


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15 Responses to biting off more than I can chew

  1. rup says:

    hey chin up dude, it’s not a competition and you were hardly fully race prepped, nor did you need to be. Rest up for a couple of days for the ankle to improve, get some good trough on board and pedal on. Take as much other forms of transport asd you want, what does it matter, we all know you’re a man…… 😉

    Just take it easy bud, at times like this it’s a pity you don’t enjoy a nice beer or three…..!!!!


  2. ben says:

    stick with it OG. The smell of a lumber truck in the rain, you can’t bottle that..

    dodgy ankle – try changing the angle of your foot when pedalling?

  3. Guy says:

    Mr UPTON is spot on big man. Find yourself a nice little hotel with some good cable porn ( put it in my ***) and knock a few out. You’ll soon forget the ankle

  4. Bumble says:

    Hi Dickie, I so feel for you – what hell it sounds – do hope you’ve dried out everything & filled your stomach properly. Good luck – don’t worry about purists!

  5. David says:

    Hey Rich sorry the weather is so p**s poor but the scenery in the snaps looks fantastic. You need food to fuel the engine so seek out one of those huge burgers or a curry and ask for it with half an half , that will fool them. A nice coach trip, drying off and food in the belly will do wonders for the morale. Can’t help with the ankle thing never had a similar injury, hope it clears up so that you can crack on. Followng you on google map. Keep looking on the satalite tab but have not seen you yet, perhaps you have lost weight due to lack of victuals. Rugby reports after the weekend , hope you have a good one. Stay dry. Sue sends regards.

  6. Liz says:

    Where are you? My guess is somewhere in the Quinault lake/Aberdeen area? We are heading out of Seattle today. Shelton tonight, then somewhere near Aberdeen tomorrow and then on. Stay put, let us know where you are and we can hook up. We have my parents in tow now. They are going to drive about supplying treats to cyclists (!!) and hunt out motels.
    See you soon.
    Liz X

  7. Huw says:

    Probably best to rest up for a day or two, or to at least cut down on the mileage a bit ’til your ankle improves.
    Are you using clip-less pedals and cleats? If so, you might need to adjust them. Make sure you’ve got cleats with a decent amount of “float”, hopefully that’ll cure your problem.
    Stay warm and dry!

  8. Froudie says:

    Hi Big Boy. You are my hero. I am reading avidly and look forward to each episode. Good luck mate. “GO DICKIE GO!”

  9. julia says:

    Hello, really feeling for you. The misrable bit will end and you’ll find yourself back to it soon. This trip was for you, so what does it matter how you do it as long as you enjoy yourself? 🙂

  10. Jack says:

    What Ho me old economic migrant!! Hope you are feeling more chipper and back on track. Just back from my week in Scotland and the Salmon stocks are still pretty healthy, (in as much as I only had a marginal effect on reducing them??).
    Track down the couple with their wrinklies doing “treats patrol”. looks like a great system to me.
    That’ll do pig.

  11. Monika Dahlstrand Agneta´s mum says:

    Dear Richard, it´s the intensiv useing of the ancel that gives you the pain. If you use a shoo that is stuck to your pedal it can be the problem. take the shoo lose fromthe pedal. You have a stif shoo and just do pressing movment. And use antiinflamation cream. You will get the pain back after two or thre miles again you must rest one day.
    Do some training by standing stady on the ground up on toes and down on the backfoot
    ten times and severel times a day.
    Hope this advise will help you. After two weeks you are stronger and the problems are gon. Sorry about my spelling in english.

    Wish you luck

  12. Deaf Sid says:

    Sweet Jesus – Aberdeen you say? Did you hear that SSB folks? Bugger GPS, that Owain bloke has only gone and started cycling down the wrong coast of the wrong country on the wrong continent. Feck me, it is a miracle he ever got the hang of which was the sharp end of his surf board…!

  13. TEACH says:

    Eyup Rich sounds like you’re having it tougher than expected. Plough on though, things will shape up in no time. I guess the plan is to follow the weather south. Sounds like you’re having some great experiences though.

  14. Ann Summers says:

    Might I suggest that you break out Sexy Sadie from our complimentary saddle bag survival pack, but don’t inflate her. Just wrap her tightly around your ankle for extra support, whilst taking special care not to snag her pendulous funbags on the chain.

    The Pink Horn of Perversion will prevail.

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