Back on the road

Well that was an interesting couple of days, ended up staying the night in the craziest house/hostel in Olympia, Washington. Talk about waifs and strays. Two kids there who were really sweet but since when has it been a good idea to have stitches tattooed along the side of your face???? If people think I snore then I garantee it is nothing like the beast who was in the bed on the other side of the room. How can a human make such noises???? My next day of bus hopping saw me meet one of the craziest people I have ever met 🙂 a woman from Texas that just spoke utter drivel for the entire journey, she then came back from a rest room stop with a tail of toilet paper hanging from here jeans :-o. More of her later. Vancouver Washington was my next stop in a $27 dollar flop house, grim doesn’t do the Value Motel justice. The reception area was like Fort Knox and I could have had the honey moon suite with its own jacuzzi for $75. Wipe you feet on the way out.
Yesterday had a great day in Portland really nice city, by luck I chanced on a cycling and walking day where downtown was closed off and happy people and there families were cycling all over. Met some fun people and was blessed by a buddist monk who wished me peace and rang a bell, the pink horn of perversion replied in kind.

So sitting outside the Amtrac station in Portland the Texas lady goes walking by!!!! last thing she told the bus apart from the fact that hawks follow her Nissan was that she was going to buy a $400 dollar car and drive back to the lone star state. She was with out her Andrex tail and didn’t see me. God only knows where she is now.
I am in Eugene Oregon and today will cycle back to the coast, will take a day and a half. Will see how the ankle holds up.

Steelgranny thanks for the advice and the spelling is fine x

Great reading everyones comments, the SSB is just legendary, thanks for getting me through this little hiccup.

Phil and Lix I am sure you will catch up in a few days as my mileage is going to be woeful. x x


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Follow me and the one called Fluff as we try and cycle from Vancouver to Panama.
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8 Responses to Back on the road

  1. David says:

    excellent news your sounding more like your self. If the ankle is still dodgy post it and will get some more advice for you from my tame chiropractor. Your boys had a close game with aironi at liberty stad. 38-3. We beat the pests at home in a close game Nicky landed two 60 yd monsters. Hope the weathers improving. Just a tip from the papers at home – if attcked by a large brown bear throw a 14″ courgette at it. It worked for some old dear in the US of A. Hope you managed to consume a few extra calories. Great to know where you are. Take your pink horn and “Go west” young man – now thats a great title for a song.

  2. ed dennis says:

    It was me in the room with you the buck teeth in my mouth make me snore, anyway you are lucky that I left my French bugle at home, that would’ve really kept you awake.
    Keith likes the sound of the andrex tail and wants you to model it for him.

  3. Guy says:

    The pony treks! Good work fella. Would you like me to send you a new carbon-fibre/ titanium weave ankle via fedex? Maybe it’s something to do with her odd toilet habits that cause the hawks to follow crazy bus lady.

  4. sonic says:

    You are an inspiration! Keep going and don’t beat yrslf up when you need to take a break/go steady. Big good luck kisses from me & D XX

  5. John says:

    Good to see the pink horn of perversion being put to good use (only £1.95 at Tesco’s)! I’m jacking it in at Wally world. Too quiet around here now you’re playing Master and Commander, the far side of the world. Maybe take the Enfield to Panama and work my way back up! Not sure wife would agree. Keep going matey. Anything is possible. I ran a 10k in under an hour at the weekend despite not training since April. Honk, honk.

  6. Liz says:

    Hope the west route is treating you well and that the sun shines on you when you hit the coast. We will see you out there perhaps. We’re in Astoria and setting off tomorrow down the 101. But we’re taking it nice and leisurely and visiting mates etc so not sure we’ll hunt the trailer and the pink horn down. Trust ankle is behaving. We’ll keep track of you. Bon chance, hot sweaty rain gear and damp sleeping bags and all that crap. Lizx

  7. the gay blade says:

    Mmm ed dennis you sexy man come and give me a tickle.

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