4 days at a time, that appears to be the limit.

I seem to hit a wall after 4 days, heavy legs and no go 🙂 will have a day off or a short one tomorrow. Just climbed the haardest hill of the trip 4 miles of granny gear grinding, phew but the pay off was a 40mph drop back to sea level. Now I have to go back up again.

The 101 has a shoulder on it which is great for bikes but not so great for the caperpillars 😦 there are hundreds of these red and black hairy buggers and sadly I seem to be running them over by the bucket load. The other thing you notice when riding along is the smell of recently deceased creatures, sometimes it can be half a mile of gagging on the smell of rotting carcass.

I have lucky gloves 🙂 managed to drop them twice and have found them when I backtracked.

Off to do another 15 miles and find somewhere to put the tent up.

Take care everybody.


About richardlldavies

Follow me and the one called Fluff as we try and cycle from Vancouver to Panama.
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3 Responses to 4 days at a time, that appears to be the limit.

  1. Karen Roberts says:

    If you run out of food then I would suggest caterpillar smoothie….well they have already been processed!!!!
    Keep it up just think what the physic will be like when you finish.

  2. Niki French says:

    Amazing Rich! Keep going mate! x

  3. Phil Lewis says:

    Remember me mate? Well I’m in Belgium with Woolfie at present.

    This is mammoth task mate I can’t believe it . But what an adventure…

    I just did the Welsh Coastline – a week of cycling on my Thorn Raven – I absolutely loved it and I am so envious..

    take care and ENJOY….

    All strength

    Phil L

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