Industrial Camping USA style

Two days since the last post and wow what a contrast. Went from Winchester to Bullards beach which was about 42 miles but the last 12 were along this Seven Devils Road, holy crap what a beast of a road. It is on the Oregon Bike Route and someone is having a good laugh. Brutal horrible awful road. I must have prolapsed my lungs 🙂 got to the campsite and it is just amazing. Americans when they go camping do it in “style” huge R.V’s the size of busses, gas Barbies tons of cut logs, satellite tv, rolling up with a tiny tent makes you feel a bit inadequate 🙂 $5 for a hiker/biker spot and met some great people. Special mention to Simon Edwards who was cycling north, thank you for breakfast. Met another lost soul at the camp site, he had fitted a tiny engine to a bicycle frame and was planning to ride it to California. He talked about God, astro physics, creationism all while smoking dope drinking beer and eating chicken strips. He said he had a problem with crystal meth and in the morning got busted for not paying his camping fees. As Simon said “that boy is just flat out f#cked”

A short day yesterday, when did 35miles become short??? my new travelling friends and me pulled into Port Orford. Found the greatest campsite called Port Orford R.V. village, what a great place, showers, internet a chilli cook off and just so friendly. If anyone is in this neck of the woods and doesn’t stop here you need your head read!!!

So today another short day to Gold Beach and on Monday a day of huge climbs which will take us into California.

My new travelling partners are Bruce and Sue who are a God send. Just really nice people and great to have company. Thanks to them for letting me tag along.

Phil and Liz hope you got my message. Cycle safe x


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Follow me and the one called Fluff as we try and cycle from Vancouver to Panama.
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2 Responses to Industrial Camping USA style

  1. Liz says:

    Hey Richard
    It sounds as if it is all going brilliantly. We are three days from California I think..but with days off etc. you never know we might catch up in the end!! Loving the Oregon coast. Gorgeous isn’t it. In Florence at the moment soaking up another wonderful sunset with salmon leaping about in front of us. Tooo great. We’re in a little peleton with some Canadians and some Brits. Such a popular route.
    See you soon.

  2. Carlos says:

    Sounds like you are getting into this cycle stuff, and mixing with an ‘eclectic’ crowd. Keep up the distances. My own personal cycle ride to the allotment was lengthened dramatically yesterday as the police closed the main road due to a ‘smoking manhole cover’ – clearly my local infrastructure also has a drug problem.

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