The pain then the pleasure

Left Crescent City in a bad mood and then had a 1500 foot climb up this god awful hill, up and up and up no shoulder on the road, trucks, R.V’s just miserable. Mood not improved then up another 1000ft out of Klamath then it got so much worse. Heading to Praire Creek Campgrounds you go up another 900ft in about 5 miles, just carnage on my legs, sense of humour failure, tantrums all very embarrasing but I was alone so no great loss of dignity. Then the pleasure, rolling down a valley of Redwoods and Sequoias. Magical, epic, awe inspiring, amazing, jaw dropping none do justice to the majesty of these trees. Just huge and with this feeling of nobility to them. 4.5 miles maybe turned the cranks 30 times. Huge grin on my face, legs forgotten about really special. Got to the camp grounds and more and more bikers turned up, the Canadians, a girl from Quebec on her own, a couple who are doing Alaska to Argentina two crazy guys who were carrying guitars to Mexico, a guy taking so many photos. We took over the place and everyone fast asleep by 8.30.

Got talking to a Park Ranger who called me over to her vehicle, she was asking how we were going and the like. In the midle of her truck was an M4 assault riffle and a semi automatic shot gun. Just in case people shoot at me she said, madness. Apparently you need the fire power to deal with poachers and dope growers. She found my discomfort very amusing.

Yesterday was a 50 miler on dead legs and we are 2 miles north of Eureka. Nothing really special happened just crunching through the miles. Day off today and said good bye to the Canadians, godspeed you lot hope the rest of the journey goes well.

Tomorrow another 50 miler to camp up near the avenue of Giants, will be good to be amongst the big trees again. Should be in San Francisco in about 10 days as we head out onto Highway 1


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5 Responses to The pain then the pleasure

  1. Guy says:

    I felt your pain describing that climb. Reminded me of struggling up those hills on the Paris-London cycle. No wait, it was Duncan and steve on the bikes I was cruising along in the Audi with Mandy ;-)). Still I’ll give you the same sound advice I shouted to them from the air conditioned luxury of that cosseting bucket seat ” Looser, your in the wrong gear”. Happy days. Seriously sounds awesome. Can’t believe you’ve been over there so long and got so far already. So glad you’ve stuck at it big guy. Were all proud of you and miss your carbonara!

  2. David says:

    impressed your surviving those epic climbs. Can’t believe how many others are mad enough to take on huge miles on two wheels. A mix of company and lone cycling in the splendor of those giants of the tree world must be satisfying. You are flying the flag for the principality with honour. Well first game of the season could have gone better, got floored by an elbow from a seven foot giant, still found a cheap way of botox for the lips and gums. Glaws beaten at the death by the frogs last night in Agen. Catch you later – push on and enjoy the rest days

  3. julia says:

    Well done Richard!! đŸ™‚ I am really enjoying reading you posts, sounds like you are having a fantastic time (well for the most part anyway) and will have plenty of stories to recant once you decide to act your age :))) good luck for the rest of your journey

  4. Lez says:

    Great start to the trip by the sounds of things.

    Lets have a picture of the ocean (especially so if you see some decent waves).

    Keep Peddling!

  5. TEACH says:

    Hey Rich how about a mileage totaliser somewhere on the Blog? You know Blue Peter stylee??

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