More big trees and road rage meltdown on 101

Left Eureka and headed for the big trees on the Avenue of Giants, Eureka was described as tweaker town, i.e. it has a huge crystal meth problem, well the guy that put some kind of vile cheese sauce all over my scrambled eggs had to be on drugs. Met a really top man called Dallas who was a Organic Avacado grower who gave us the low down on Eureka. In the campsite we got racooned, little sods were everywhere. They got the best of the avacados. Ride to the avenue of Giants was a 60miler and pretty easy only a few hills. Still was tired when we got to the campsite. Bit disappointed with the Avenue, yes some huge trees but a bit bitty and then I managed to run out of money. All sorted now it was just an ATM machine wasn’t working so I was reduced to eking out an existance till the next one. Yesterday was a 50miler and the first day of real heat on the journey, 86 degrees and hot hot hot that and hill after hill after hill. Knee got a bit sore but I had a good day. The road rage melt down came via Sue who just spat the dummy in a gas station and was asked to leave. This was done because she just started abusing random car drivers. Sadly I didn’t witness this full on screaming abdab meltdown. Whats strange is that generally the roads here have a hard shoulder and are quite roomy. Nothing like riding in the UK. Anyway when Sue arrived at Standish Hickey where we are today she was a blubbering mess. All sorted now but things were a bit tense. If only I could sort out my domestic issues so easily.
Tomorrow is a dirty great hill called Leggit Hill then a drop down to the coast. The start of the legendary Highway 1. San Francisco is about 4.5 days away.

Thanks to all who answered my bike computer question.

I have done 940 miles since I began in Vancouver.

Any of you lot win the lottery, anyone got a job for me when I get back?


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Follow me and the one called Fluff as we try and cycle from Vancouver to Panama.
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One Response to More big trees and road rage meltdown on 101

  1. John says:

    I won £10 on the lottery and you can have my job ’cause I’m off tomorrow! Pity you haven’t still got the “anti-racoon” pink horn of perversion. Enjoy Frisco.

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