The Urine Coo coo clock

Stayed an extra day in Bogada Bay this was due to inclement weather it was chucking it down for about 5 hours and packing up wet kit then fighting with the traffic on Highway 1 is not the future. Sue and I went into town to get ripped off for expensive food. On way back decided to try our luck thumbing a lift. 5 mins and a lift appeared in the shape of a very good looking girl who had an open bottle of wine between her legs and a voice that sounded like a 3 year old on helium. After swerving about a bit she dropped us back at the camp site.

Two things will stick in my mind about the campsite, a pair of abandoned kittens that somehow had survived being in the out doors, they were about 6 months old and the cutest cats of all time. There had been signs in town apparently advertising kittens and suddenly there are a bunch running around the campsite, go figure.

The other memory wont be so pleasant, I had a new neighbour who had put his tent about 12 ft from mine. A real old hobo looking dude, stick thin and grizzled and gnarled. He grunted a greeting and retreated to his tent. About 9 o clock he unleashes a torrent of urine out of his tent, I mean gallons of the stuff and then managed to repeat the performance at what seemed every hour during the night. The man was so thin I have no idea where he was keeping the stuff. I will have nightmares about this for years and will no doubt need therapy to get over it. I don’t think any of his rancid outpourings got to close but the sound of that thundering torrent……….ugh shudder.

Phil and Liz arrived with a friend called Duncan who was another tall man, great to see them and how do they stay so immaculate? It is a mystery, I seem to have gone feral, smelly unshaven and my clothes could walk about on my own. They looked so fit and clean šŸ™‚

Said goodbye to Sue and Bruce for a few days, right now I am in Mill Valley which is just a stone throw from the Golden Gate Bridge. Tomorrow I will cycle over it and a huge milestone will be achieved. Catching up with Sue and Bruce in Monterey in about 5 days.

Adios amigos


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Follow me and the one called Fluff as we try and cycle from Vancouver to Panama.
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9 Responses to The Urine Coo coo clock

  1. dogman says:

    Another great read, well done Son! When are we going to see some pics of the bronzed beauty then? We.really fine thanks, that you btw x x

  2. Max N says:

    Still, better to have that old Hobo dude inside the tent pissing out, rather than outside the tent pissing in eh?

  3. Ed Brayshaw says:

    I had that once……you get used to it. Actually, thinking about it, that might have been you. go steady fella!
    ps. still at training school.

  4. julia says:

    Well done!! šŸ™‚ You didn’t go out there to meet ‘normal’ people tho did u! Keep trucking, sorry cycling šŸ™‚ you are doing so well & if you mail Sam or Ed send them my warmest (we are gonna need it as it’s flippin frezing here!!)

  5. Jack says:

    What Ho! Welsh Boy, I see the Shrimp keeps giving you rugby type updates but he misses out on the really important stuff!?
    The darling of Wales, Gavin Henson is trying to get back into the Welsh team and London Welsh, (who??), have offered him the chance to play to get match fit. The Baa Baa’s have included him in the team list for a game in December but Gavin says he may not be available as he’s in Strictly go Prancing this year. No worries he’ll be out long before that as he’s rubbish! He seems unable to show any vaguely sexy moves and looks terrified of his partner. In referring to his hip action in the Rhumba one of the judges said he’d seen more movement in his floorboards. I’ll keep you posted. Have FUNNNNN!

  6. Guy says:

    Jack Kerouac eat your heart out

  7. Otis Redding says:

    I trust that when you reach the Frisco Bay you’ll take some time to sit on the dock and watch the tide roll away while your legs recover.

  8. Liz says:

    We are sponsored by Unilever! Brilliant to finally catch up with you. Looking pretty nifty yourself we thought. See you soon further down the coast.
    Liz and Phil x

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