Over the Bridge and one close call

Spent the night in Mill Valley as guests of Chris and Penny Lane, they own Roaring Mouse Cycles. Great to be in a bed and have a shower I didnt have to pay for in quarters. No raccoons either which are becoming the bane of my life. Next morning Chris led me towards the Golden Gate bridge and we went through some really interesting parts of Sausolito, well I found them interesting, car restorerers mainly with some incredible machinery outside, Mk2 Jags Volvo 444 Alfas all manner of Ferraris. Up a pair of steep climbs and the Golden Gate bridge lay before me. It is hard to explain the sense of satisfaction and achievment for me crossing that thing. Chris said goodbye on the other side and I had to navigate through some suburbs of San Francisco to get back on to Highway 1. Dear God what an ordeal, it was freezing, I am doing a very slow impersonation of Steve McQueen in Bullet but on a bike. Up and down up and down, finally make it to what I thought was the right way. 35 South the sign said, I want Highway 1, mmmm ok push on it is going south. It is not called Skyline Avenue for no reason. I am cold soaked by rain and sweat when I stop at some traffic lights. A small bus next to me opens its door and the driver asks where I am going, then he asks where I have come from. Suddenly he starts shouting that I was an amazing human being, “you are an amazing man, just amazing” he was saying. Then the lights turned and he drove off waving frantically. Things like that really cheer you up. Carried on that day to mile 45 and saw Sue and Bruces bikes out side a Maccy D in Halfmoon Bay. Didnt expect to catch up with them to Monterey but you got to be flexible. At least I had dried out as the sun finally made an appearence. Was planning to spend a few days in Santa Cruz but the bet laid plans etc. Santa Cruz has no camp grounds so you have to go the New Brighton camp site which is an extra 11 miles. A real shame as I do like SC but this time it felt a bit different. The Cold Water Classic was on and I was dead tired, 65 miles done and I was over the whole thing. Went past pleasure Point and there must have been about 200 people in the water. The camp site was crap you could only spend one nigh there. Just rubbish, then I was invited to stay with Bruce and Sues friends in Monterey so that is where I am now. Many thanks to Hans and Ann for being so cool and accepting me into there home. Looking down a hill to the bay while typing this, been to the aquarium today and it was as amazing as ever. Really good to have a few days rest before we take on Big Sur.

On the road to Santa Cruz I had my closest moment yet, very scarey and I went mental at the idiot who nearly wiped me out. Sadly it was a person on a BMW GS1200 who decided to turn right across the front of me as we were decending a big hill. Missed hime or her by about 6 inches and just abused them for about 30 seconds, they didn’t say a word.

One funny thing that happened was that this guy chased me down when he saw the Welsh flag on the BOB, his family were from Pembroke. Mr Reese gave me a bottle of beer and told me about a Blue Whale that had washed up on the shore. A pregnant female that had been hit by a ship and died. Very sad to see such a waste of a huge animal and the calf/foetus dead on the beach. Apparently it is the 3rd one this year in Californian waters.

Bloody Raccoons I hate the things, everyone has some raccoon stories but the little sod who was trying to get into my bag was just a malicious delinquent little mammal. When I tried to scare it away it just looked at me with its beady glowing eyes. I slunk back to my tent it had bettered me.

Take care and I will let you know about the hell that is Big Sur.


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Follow me and the one called Fluff as we try and cycle from Vancouver to Panama.
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3 Responses to Over the Bridge and one close call

  1. David says:

    Jack’s not up to speed on the Charlotte reject. Sarries are intrested in signing him as Hougaard their SA10 is crocked. Glaws beat the hairy queens yesterday even tho we nearly blew it with 2 s/h yellows. 33-26 thanks to try from forwards, 5m scrum, 4 mins from time. Miles are surely clocking up with you, not with me due to a leg problem at present. May even have to hold off on the basketball. SF ticked off so did you have a flower in your hair? Crossing golden gate bridge did you think of the seven crossing and have tear in the eye. Ospreys play today so update later. RKH been like the mary celeste lately probably a sign of things to come when the full ramifications of the CSR bottom out. Are well more time for cycling I suppose. Push on mac-duff or should i say dai-duff.

  2. Max N says:

    I happened upon this quote by some Chinese chap called Laozi :

    “A good traveller has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.”

    It makes sense to me – maybe to your situation too? Keep up the good work fella.

  3. David says:

    well Ospreys went from 5 points up at half time to a 31-23 defeat. both teams scored 3 tries but Glascow dominated territory in the s/h and Ospreys were sloppy, also missed out on a lossing bonus pt.

    Much to Marks annoyance knocked off my assessment question this arfternoon as sally didnt buy my excuse that the dog ate it. Feel more chilled out now just the interview to go.

    Got much colder here of late back to scarpping windscreen in the am. Dry at present but meant to be wet in the week. Catch you later dude

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