I ride a bicycle, I am not a criminal

Before I tell you about the last few days riding Big Sur I hope you will allow me a little rant.

I am not a criminal because I am a bike tourer so California stop treating me like one. This all started at Santa Cruz/ New Brighton camp site, 20 mins to register, need to see my ID and have to sign a paper saying I will abide by the rules of the park. IE I will leave by 9.00 in the morning, I will not return within 2 days. I thought it was a one off but it is happening all the time, then 2 nights ago we ran into Toilet maintainer Nazi Keith who because the camp site was closed threatened to call the sheriff who he informed me has a gun, threatened to cite me for trespassing and walked away when I was trying to explain that we were stuck and would it be a huge problem if we camped in his empty park. Well Keith you are one load your mother should have swallowed. His boss sorted out the problem in about 30 seconds and we ended up camping on a stunning bluff above a beach just north of Gorda. There is something really going wrong with California, if it treats tourists like this then I will be happy to say good bye.

Big Sur wow oh wow oh wow, really hard work with big hills but such stunning views, words can not do it justice. Yesterday we went past the Hearst Castle which always reminds me of Wayne and Tony from P.A.U. I guess it is a link to the Eagles. What you don’t expect to see is a field full of zebra mixed in with cattle. Just plain weird.

Some good surf has been spotted but a few beaches have some really heavy locals, 600lb of elephant seal. Hundreds of them, and they are one smelly bunch, jeez what a stink.

I know I go on about it but raccoons!!!!! last night was the end of it, no sleep as the little gits tore into everything all night. Ripped one cyclist’s Ortlieb open and made off with his stove!!!! Rattlesnakes are on the menu as well.

Take care and photos to come.


About richardlldavies

Follow me and the one called Fluff as we try and cycle from Vancouver to Panama.
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3 Responses to I ride a bicycle, I am not a criminal

  1. mapesey says:

    Zebras in fields mixed with cattle, sheep in fields mixed with doberman….what is this world coming to!? ;o)

  2. David says:

    just a quickie from RKH. New AMT announcements next monday, most of them of leave at present so no glum or happy faces to judge. The VERS scheme has been upgraded – now offering me silly amounts of Money on top of pension to go, so I coulsd bwe gone by April. Gavlar has signed for the London South Africans, is training with them + strickley so as soon as he’s out of the rhumba and jive gig he’ll be ready to kick the ball between the sticks. Should see him at the holm later in the season. I think you need a coon hat with all the bother they give you. Keep rolling , LA hear you come

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