Rain stops play

Here I am in Pismo Beach sitting under a warm Californian sun, and I have to tell you rain stopped play. The weather forecasts over here are frighteningly accurate, heavy rain overnight and will clear up by 11 and that is exactly what happened. Amazing.

Now I am meant to be going down to Panama but plans change. When I hit the border it will be approx 1900 miles and I am done. There are a few reasons but the major one is that I dont like Mexican food and would starve to death 🙂 that the gun play and general lack of language skills. Anyway 1900 miles is pretty good going.

From here Los Angles is looming large, we will be going through some pretty sketchy neighborhoods as well, I am looking forward to it, the plan is Malibu to Huntigdon Beach, then 3 days later it is done.

I told the joke about the eskimo blowing a seal on his skidoo, Sue found the funniest bit to be the thought of an Eskimo with a British accent, I though she was going to pass out she was laughing so much.

Surf Report for the SSB crew, Morro Bay was waist high but infested with SUP’s Yesterday Pismo was about head high with the occasional sneaker, today after the storm it looks like Rest a bit of a mess but with bluer water.

Halloween is taken way to seriously here, just ridiculous. Houses covered with skeletons spiders cobwebs headless figures. For a place that seems to be scared of its own shadow it is a bit of a turn around.

Pismo and Oceana are recreational sites for quads bikes and anything else you can thrash around a sand dune. Huge jacked up trucks going back and for on the beach, mmm fun.

One of the stranges sights was today with an Indian family sat out side a quad hire place. 3 women in Saris and dad with his trousers rolled up but with his black shoes and socks on. They looked so out of place sitting on a beach in California.

Hope you are all well, take care


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Follow me and the one called Fluff as we try and cycle from Vancouver to Panama.
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2 Responses to Rain stops play

  1. David says:

    Mex food can’t agree more hate that green snot looking stuff they serve.

    So just a few days left of the great adventure, quite an achievement even more so single handed. Looking forward to some big sur pics. I am sure there is one person in sweden counting the days. If your passing through give a shout.

    Your guys had a bad day at the office loosing at home to NG Dragons16-21. Few Wales players missing with autumn internationals up and coming. Now mid table belwo Treviso??? We had a home win 19-12 against tigers with big les the volcano finishing off a storming last ten minutes to be on the end of a great move across the field with fwds and backs involved. Nicky slotted the extras with 17 secs left at the restart. Would have been bigger margin but for 4 missed pens.

    Keep safe

  2. David says:

    A quick update on the merger – AMT results are in from the Norwegian jury. Sally and Martin Murray only ones to get a job at RKH. Nicky Richard, Gail Bradstock and Rob Alexander no post. Sal as Pacs mgr martin in NRG. Mark Orm got a EM post but at hatfield. So lots of incomers. Sent my can i go please request off today but will not know decision till January. Hope the suns is still shining enjoy LA.

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