Lompoc to the Pacific

Its getting very hot about 92 and cycling from Lompoc back to the coast is the last day of climbing on the whole trip. Actually it wasn’t so bad just gradual ups for about 3 hours then 2 kickers and it was done. Came across a scene of utter car/wild boar carnage nearing the top of the last climb. A family of piggy wiggies had failed to utilize the Green Cross code with the inevitable consequences. Bits of at least 3 big pigs all over the place and sadly a whole bunch of little piglets as well. Don’t think the car came out of it to well either. Set a new downhill record to the coast as well 44.7mph. That night we were heading for El Capitan state beach to camp and California does it to the cyclists again. squeezed between the 101 the Amtrak line and the sea a little piece of ground for us to put our tents on. Nearest bathroom .5 of a mile away. Just ridiculous and making my blood boil until I watched Dolphins for an hour or so. Calmness and serenity returned until the first train went past and I thought it was the Big One (earthquake) the ground did actually move. Just as we aere cooking food Jamie arrives so the happy band was enhanced again. It is hard to explain the camaraderie that exists among cycle tourists. We had first met Jamie in Northern California and was great to catch up again. Another stunning sunrise in the morning and yet more dolphins. Cant get enough of Flipper and his mates.

Jerry Brown is the new old Governor of California it seems that the Austrian wont be back and leaves a state that is bankrupt and wondering where all the good times went.

El Capitan to Ventura takes you past some great surf breaks, Rincon is just a machine, what a great set up.

We were cycling along the beach path in Santa Barbara when this guy whips past and about 5 seconds later I figure out what was different about him, he only had one leg. He sorted us out with directions but what an inspiration, because of him we have a new saying, “you have got two legs” just repeat that to yourself if you are tired or pissed off, I realise that it is pretty daft advice if you only have one leg.

Next installment is Malibu and the trip across L.A.


About richardlldavies

Follow me and the one called Fluff as we try and cycle from Vancouver to Panama.
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