Things are breaking

This is the morning of my last day and I am in a hotel in La Jolla just north of San Diego. Sue has been really rough so the last 2 days have shown how tough the female of the spieces are. I would have wussed out completley. Left Huntington and headed to San Ononfre to camp only for California to lay down its cards one more time, “campsite is closed till next March” even though we had tried to phone them we were told we couldnt camp, Mmmmmm we will see 🙂 anyway the option was going back to San Clemente which wasnt an option. San Clemente wins the award for the nicest place in California, we passed this guy on the road who was in his 50’s who was fiddling with his bike, asked if he was ok. 10 mins later as we are consulting the map he rides past thanks us for looking out for him and pulls the best wheelie I have ever seen. His bike was a big old beach cruiser and he just lifted the front wheel for 150 metres. Very impressive. Rode past Webers and Stewarts which is always good to see.

After hanging around till darkish we put the tents up and disaster one of my poles splits, managed to bodge it together but it failed completley in the nigh during the wind and rain, yes thats right wind and rain in Southern California. I am sure I can get the pole replaced but really frustrating. We had our customary night time visitors marauding around but not Raccoons this time it was Skunks which are pretty cute but don’t piss them off.
The clocks have gone back over here so it is pitch black by 5.30 and light at 6.00 in the morning, that has added a new dynamic to the last few days.

When you leave San Onofre you have to cycle through Camp Pendleton a huge military base or you dont in my case they wont let you on if you dont have a helmet, I dont have a helmet so I had to cycle down the hard shoulder of Interstate 5 that was 7 miles done in a time Mr Contador would have been chuffed with, a bit scarey but I was on a mission from some deity or other.

La Jolla seems to be a stupidly rich area judging by the cars running around, yesterday saw a v12 Brabus Merc outside a frat house and my first ever Porsche Carrera GT wow what a noise, made the Hasselhoff lookalike in the pimped Aston look like pretty small beer.
In about 2 hours I will set off for the border which means this is my last day will be very strange not to ride the bike 40-50 miles a day. Stand by for photos of the border and tears. My bottom bracket started to make some funny noises yesterday so maybe the bike wants a rest as well. On the other hand my bottom has always made funny noises……… I will get my coat.


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2 Responses to Things are breaking

  1. rup says:

    I think it’s a bit late for you to be getting a lid mate! Well done, supreme effort, wish I could be with you………….

    One day for sure!

    R x

  2. Max N says:

    A* for effort old chap – you’ll never forget this trip.

    Probably a good job you didn’t have a helmet for Camp Pendleton, I suspect it was a ruse. Two hundred yards into the perimeter you’d have been waylaid by a press gang, and next thing you know you’d have been stepping off a transport plane in Kabul complete with pack and musket.

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