What is that it………?

My journey is done, yesterday I reached the border of Mexico, 1900 miles of new experiences, new friends and a bucketfull of sweat.
Set off at about 9.00 from the hotel and the sun was shining and it was a beautiful California day, I was giddy with excitement. We gave on the bike path through Pacific Beach because of the ammount of people just wandering around. Pacific Beach San Diego is a top place, still has a bit of dirt and grime ie character, something Huntington sold off years ago. This was my first time in San Diego and it is a really nice place, less frenetic than the L.A. area. We caught a ferry to Coranado Island and chugged past at least 5 Navy aircraft carriers, just how many of these things does America have, unbelievable. We can see Mexico as we pedal along Silver Strand Boulevard heading to Imperial Beach a few quick turns head down a quiet backroad past horse ranches and it is just a mile from the border. Saw lots of border patrol people, 3 riding quads and 5 girls riding horses. All wearing leather chaps and looking good and amazingly very friendly. I guess we are on the right side of the border with the right paperwork.
The Adventure Cycling map tells you to go this way and you have to ask why, up on the hill in front of us is a huge stadium which is used for bull fighting in front of us is a huge fence, the border. Hang on really is this it? 1900 miles and we arrive at a fence in the middle of nowhere with a gate for pedestrians open on weekends and holidays only. Mmmmm very strange I did’t mind I had arrived. Sue and I had a heated debate about Iran of all places took a load of photos and then peddaled back into Imperial Beach. Job as they say done.

I have a real sense of accomplishment of having made this journey, from Fluff bailing at the last second to the misery of the Washington Peninsula, the beauty of Praire Creek and the trip across L.A. it has been so satisfying and I lost some weight. Chuffed I kept at it and made it.

The Thorn Raven worked perfectly never got uncomfortable and was 100% reliabe. I used one back tyre and had a total of 8 flats, 6 on the memorable day to Lompoc. The Rohloff has been great and I have abused the servicing schedule, a few false neutrals but nothing to worry about, adjusted the chain once that is it.
Ergon grips were really comfortable I used Specialised gel mitts and am gutted I lost them , no idea where maybe Malibu.
Giordana shorts were just brilliant no soreness and have been worn constantly, I got some of the Wiggle home brand bibs but they just werent comfortable, chaffed me in a really strange place, so got binned.
I hated the B.O.B. trailer at first but then got to love it, followed me like a faithful dog, the bag never leaked a huge thumbs up from me. Now known as “the robert”

I have to thank so many people, Aggie for being min askling, Bruce and Sue couldn’t have done it with out you, thank you so much. Bruces family and friends that welcomed a smelly hairy Welsh bloke into their houses with out question, Hans and Anne, Dan and Ann Louise, Gerry and Mary and cousin Jill. Phil and Liz who spoke such sense and were so kind in Vancouver meeting twice in 1900 miles wasn’t enough but the meetings were so memorable. Good luck with the rest of your trip. Rupert who has been putting the photos up and looking after things at home, Guy Debbie Jake Leah and Archie for putting up with me.
All the great people I have met on the road, Bob Holland for being so rude but he did ignite the fire again. Duncan and Mandy for inspiration, everyone at the E.A. Dave Jack Sam Tris Claire John H and the ex E.A. Ed and Julia. All the people in the Patent Office, Jonesy I hoped you enjoyed it Ann Marie and Andy and Son Son. The SSB crew, Dave that photo is a classic. Chris and Penny at Roaring Mouse who put me up and guided me to the bridge.

Thanks to all for reading this and sending comments.

You have 2 legs!!!!!!!!!!


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Follow me and the one called Fluff as we try and cycle from Vancouver to Panama.
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15 Responses to What is that it………?

  1. Sue Gray says:

    “You are an amazing man! Really amazing!”

    Richard, thank you so much for accompanying us on the last six weeks of this journey. We gained so much from knowing you; an outsider’s perspective on America, an insider’s perspective on the U.K., wonderful stories and lots and lots of laughter, which on a journey of this sort, is essential. It wouldn’t have been anywhere near as fun without you.

    We love you dearly (no matter your thoughts on Iran) and will cherish these memories forever.

    Sue and Bruce

  2. julia says:

    Well done Richard!!! I can’t believe how quickly you have covered all those miles 🙂 Whenever I look on google the stretch between Canada & Mexico looks like it should take you years, not a few weeks.

    Thanks so much for your entertaining and honest account of your journey. It hasn’t inspired me to get on my bike (well not for those kinds of miles), but I can’t help telling people I know about what you have taken on, now I can let them know you came, you saw & you conquered 🙂

    Really proud of you (if that’s not to motherish!) I hope you have your thermals ready for your return, cause it’s freezing here, so I dread to think how cold it is in svenky land. Hope we can stay in touch, you have my email address.

    All the best

  3. Guy says:

    Once again kudos to you dude. Never any hardship putting you up or putting up with you. I also now know who writes the Oscar acceptance speeches ;-)). Looking forward to seeing you this side of the Atlantic sometime. Love from all of us here in frosty St albans

  4. Max N says:

    Well done sir, it’s been a pleasure to follow your blog these last few weeks. Safe trip home.

  5. Anne McCambridge says:

    Yay you did it Puppy!! What an accomplishment you have to mark your life on the planet.
    It was a pleasure to meet you and share our home. You (and Aggie) are welcome anytime wherever Hans, Riley and I are living.
    Best from us

  6. Spawny says:

    Owain G – you’re a legend mate. Contador would have struggled with that trailer without an extra pint of blood and some dodgy Spanish meat. Glad you gave Mex a miss. Seems way too dangerous for a gringo to be riding along minding his own business. Have a safe trip home to the motherland. Respect!

  7. indo says:

    Great work mate, what more I can say but your trip is an inspiration to go and do something amazing

  8. David says:

    absolutely lost for words. Something as simple as a bike ride has enthralled so many following the blog. I am just gob smacked at your achievement mate, something to mull over on the long dark Scandinavian winter nights. You must be made up.

  9. John says:

    Well done big boy. What a bike ride, what a story. I walked 21 miles yesterday to “find myself” but all I found was Newbury! Sad that the legendary pink horn of perversion didn’t make the whole trip but you did and that’s what’s important. Enjoy your new life in the land of expensive beer.

  10. Richardlldavies says:

    Well done Amigo!

    You have done something that few sane people would tackle, and it was a pleasure to meet you mid way and share some time and stories with you! Please keep us posted on your whereabouts. Assuming you’re in Sweden this coming summer, we will be in touch and hopefully see you then.

    Cheers Dude,
    Hans, Anne, & Riley

  11. Hans Hellsund says:

    Sorry, my comments above -forgot to read the instructions!

  12. Carlos says:

    Owain G – Well done. Mightily impressed with your tenacity, enthusiasm and humour. The SSB is damn proud of you – as is everyone. Now, find a good pub, have another beer and tell those American bretherin to tune the telly to the rugby for tomorrow…

  13. sonic says:

    Well done my lovely, mad friend! Hope you are having some well deserved R&R. San Diego is a great place to end your adventure. Can’t wait to hear about it first hand xx

  14. Ann-Marie says:

    You did it!! I gave Mikey Morgan full use of my PC just so he could read your blog, he said he could actually hear you speaking all the words you have written. You have given us the chance to be there with you, thank you for the entertainment but I have to say glad you are all done.
    Have a safe trip home dude and well done.

  15. Phil Munslow says:

    Richard, forgot to let you know of our trip following some of route. Thanks for the offer of the bob trailer – we bought the carry freedom instead in the end. Anyway you can follow us here http://www.ittakestwototandem.wordpress.com

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