A day of wrong moves

Well it had to happen, I had the day from hell, and was still smiling at the end of it. Last day in Oceana was enlightened by a fabulous meal in the Rock and Roll Diner, Sue swimming in the sea and Patrick catching up with us with out his hareem but with stories of wild abandon in San Francisco. Set off from Oceana to Lompoc, should be simple but idiot boy here managed to get lost and ended up on 101 which is like a motorway. Ok no problem just down here untill the next junction. Two punctures later I am at Nipomo and am now 12 miles out of my way. I am not blameless is this foolishness but the man in the recumbent must shoulder some of the blame by telling me to follow the detour. Stupid sod. So 9 miles against a headwind I arrive in Guadalupe a great town, not a lot there but a great little place. Puncture 3, 4 and 5 happen in the next 10 miles and number 6 caps a horror day with me realising that I have used every patch and spare I carry. Sat on the side of the road for 20 mins and here comes Bruce and Sue to the rescue. By this time I had drunk all my water and it was hot, still 18 miles to Lompoc so I was feeling pretty miserable when we booked into a motel. Motel 6 saved my ass, we then went and had some great food and waited expanctly for a rocket to be launched from Vandenburg air force base. It didnt happen some problem, a local tried to convince us it was snails???

Still cant sleep in hotels.

Sorry I am not keeping up to date at the moment but we are moving a lot and WIFI is scarce.

Currently looking at the Ocean in Malibu, very nice it is as well.

Have heard that Phil and Liz are doing well and were in Santa Cruz with Patrick, hope you are good guys.

Stay tuned for the Lompoc to El Capitan tales, saw some great surf but will save it for the next installment.

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Pics 6

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Rain stops play

Here I am in Pismo Beach sitting under a warm Californian sun, and I have to tell you rain stopped play. The weather forecasts over here are frighteningly accurate, heavy rain overnight and will clear up by 11 and that is exactly what happened. Amazing.

Now I am meant to be going down to Panama but plans change. When I hit the border it will be approx 1900 miles and I am done. There are a few reasons but the major one is that I dont like Mexican food and would starve to death 🙂 that the gun play and general lack of language skills. Anyway 1900 miles is pretty good going.

From here Los Angles is looming large, we will be going through some pretty sketchy neighborhoods as well, I am looking forward to it, the plan is Malibu to Huntigdon Beach, then 3 days later it is done.

I told the joke about the eskimo blowing a seal on his skidoo, Sue found the funniest bit to be the thought of an Eskimo with a British accent, I though she was going to pass out she was laughing so much.

Surf Report for the SSB crew, Morro Bay was waist high but infested with SUP’s Yesterday Pismo was about head high with the occasional sneaker, today after the storm it looks like Rest a bit of a mess but with bluer water.

Halloween is taken way to seriously here, just ridiculous. Houses covered with skeletons spiders cobwebs headless figures. For a place that seems to be scared of its own shadow it is a bit of a turn around.

Pismo and Oceana are recreational sites for quads bikes and anything else you can thrash around a sand dune. Huge jacked up trucks going back and for on the beach, mmm fun.

One of the stranges sights was today with an Indian family sat out side a quad hire place. 3 women in Saris and dad with his trousers rolled up but with his black shoes and socks on. They looked so out of place sitting on a beach in California.

Hope you are all well, take care

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I ride a bicycle, I am not a criminal

Before I tell you about the last few days riding Big Sur I hope you will allow me a little rant.

I am not a criminal because I am a bike tourer so California stop treating me like one. This all started at Santa Cruz/ New Brighton camp site, 20 mins to register, need to see my ID and have to sign a paper saying I will abide by the rules of the park. IE I will leave by 9.00 in the morning, I will not return within 2 days. I thought it was a one off but it is happening all the time, then 2 nights ago we ran into Toilet maintainer Nazi Keith who because the camp site was closed threatened to call the sheriff who he informed me has a gun, threatened to cite me for trespassing and walked away when I was trying to explain that we were stuck and would it be a huge problem if we camped in his empty park. Well Keith you are one load your mother should have swallowed. His boss sorted out the problem in about 30 seconds and we ended up camping on a stunning bluff above a beach just north of Gorda. There is something really going wrong with California, if it treats tourists like this then I will be happy to say good bye.

Big Sur wow oh wow oh wow, really hard work with big hills but such stunning views, words can not do it justice. Yesterday we went past the Hearst Castle which always reminds me of Wayne and Tony from P.A.U. I guess it is a link to the Eagles. What you don’t expect to see is a field full of zebra mixed in with cattle. Just plain weird.

Some good surf has been spotted but a few beaches have some really heavy locals, 600lb of elephant seal. Hundreds of them, and they are one smelly bunch, jeez what a stink.

I know I go on about it but raccoons!!!!! last night was the end of it, no sleep as the little gits tore into everything all night. Ripped one cyclist’s Ortlieb open and made off with his stove!!!! Rattlesnakes are on the menu as well.

Take care and photos to come.

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pics 5 (meeeeeeeee……!!)

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Over the Bridge and one close call

Spent the night in Mill Valley as guests of Chris and Penny Lane, they own Roaring Mouse Cycles. Great to be in a bed and have a shower I didnt have to pay for in quarters. No raccoons either which are becoming the bane of my life. Next morning Chris led me towards the Golden Gate bridge and we went through some really interesting parts of Sausolito, well I found them interesting, car restorerers mainly with some incredible machinery outside, Mk2 Jags Volvo 444 Alfas all manner of Ferraris. Up a pair of steep climbs and the Golden Gate bridge lay before me. It is hard to explain the sense of satisfaction and achievment for me crossing that thing. Chris said goodbye on the other side and I had to navigate through some suburbs of San Francisco to get back on to Highway 1. Dear God what an ordeal, it was freezing, I am doing a very slow impersonation of Steve McQueen in Bullet but on a bike. Up and down up and down, finally make it to what I thought was the right way. 35 South the sign said, I want Highway 1, mmmm ok push on it is going south. It is not called Skyline Avenue for no reason. I am cold soaked by rain and sweat when I stop at some traffic lights. A small bus next to me opens its door and the driver asks where I am going, then he asks where I have come from. Suddenly he starts shouting that I was an amazing human being, “you are an amazing man, just amazing” he was saying. Then the lights turned and he drove off waving frantically. Things like that really cheer you up. Carried on that day to mile 45 and saw Sue and Bruces bikes out side a Maccy D in Halfmoon Bay. Didnt expect to catch up with them to Monterey but you got to be flexible. At least I had dried out as the sun finally made an appearence. Was planning to spend a few days in Santa Cruz but the bet laid plans etc. Santa Cruz has no camp grounds so you have to go the New Brighton camp site which is an extra 11 miles. A real shame as I do like SC but this time it felt a bit different. The Cold Water Classic was on and I was dead tired, 65 miles done and I was over the whole thing. Went past pleasure Point and there must have been about 200 people in the water. The camp site was crap you could only spend one nigh there. Just rubbish, then I was invited to stay with Bruce and Sues friends in Monterey so that is where I am now. Many thanks to Hans and Ann for being so cool and accepting me into there home. Looking down a hill to the bay while typing this, been to the aquarium today and it was as amazing as ever. Really good to have a few days rest before we take on Big Sur.

On the road to Santa Cruz I had my closest moment yet, very scarey and I went mental at the idiot who nearly wiped me out. Sadly it was a person on a BMW GS1200 who decided to turn right across the front of me as we were decending a big hill. Missed hime or her by about 6 inches and just abused them for about 30 seconds, they didn’t say a word.

One funny thing that happened was that this guy chased me down when he saw the Welsh flag on the BOB, his family were from Pembroke. Mr Reese gave me a bottle of beer and told me about a Blue Whale that had washed up on the shore. A pregnant female that had been hit by a ship and died. Very sad to see such a waste of a huge animal and the calf/foetus dead on the beach. Apparently it is the 3rd one this year in Californian waters.

Bloody Raccoons I hate the things, everyone has some raccoon stories but the little sod who was trying to get into my bag was just a malicious delinquent little mammal. When I tried to scare it away it just looked at me with its beady glowing eyes. I slunk back to my tent it had bettered me.

Take care and I will let you know about the hell that is Big Sur.

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The Urine Coo coo clock

Stayed an extra day in Bogada Bay this was due to inclement weather it was chucking it down for about 5 hours and packing up wet kit then fighting with the traffic on Highway 1 is not the future. Sue and I went into town to get ripped off for expensive food. On way back decided to try our luck thumbing a lift. 5 mins and a lift appeared in the shape of a very good looking girl who had an open bottle of wine between her legs and a voice that sounded like a 3 year old on helium. After swerving about a bit she dropped us back at the camp site.

Two things will stick in my mind about the campsite, a pair of abandoned kittens that somehow had survived being in the out doors, they were about 6 months old and the cutest cats of all time. There had been signs in town apparently advertising kittens and suddenly there are a bunch running around the campsite, go figure.

The other memory wont be so pleasant, I had a new neighbour who had put his tent about 12 ft from mine. A real old hobo looking dude, stick thin and grizzled and gnarled. He grunted a greeting and retreated to his tent. About 9 o clock he unleashes a torrent of urine out of his tent, I mean gallons of the stuff and then managed to repeat the performance at what seemed every hour during the night. The man was so thin I have no idea where he was keeping the stuff. I will have nightmares about this for years and will no doubt need therapy to get over it. I don’t think any of his rancid outpourings got to close but the sound of that thundering torrent……….ugh shudder.

Phil and Liz arrived with a friend called Duncan who was another tall man, great to see them and how do they stay so immaculate? It is a mystery, I seem to have gone feral, smelly unshaven and my clothes could walk about on my own. They looked so fit and clean 🙂

Said goodbye to Sue and Bruce for a few days, right now I am in Mill Valley which is just a stone throw from the Golden Gate Bridge. Tomorrow I will cycle over it and a huge milestone will be achieved. Catching up with Sue and Bruce in Monterey in about 5 days.

Adios amigos

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